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Rampage CD


Our all new CD Rampage!

“Rampage” is the follow up to Giant Kitty’s debut album “This Stupid Stuff.” This sophomore effort shows the characteristic Giant Kitty sense of humor in songs about conspiracy theories, annoying friends, and even a love song involving a Geo Metro yet addresses more serious and personal topics such as domestic violence, loss, and current politics. National and international media has reported on the band including the Huffington Post , BitchMedia , and Indian feminist mag The Ladies Finger for their music and their unconventional antics such as a wedding between band founders Cassandra Quirk (guitar, background vocals) and Trinity Quirk (drums) officiated by Miriam Hakim (vocals) in the middle of a show and organizing an Inauguration Day show called “We Belong: Houstonians of Muslim Descent Dissent” raising nearly $2000 for the ACLU of Texas.

Upon release of “Rampage,” guitarist Cassandra will be featured in a biography in Houstonia magazine and the album will be reviewed in the Houston Chronicle and Houston Press. Giant Kitty will also appear in a National Geographic photo essay on Muslims in American Life. The band has tour dates around the South with a planned west coast run for later in the year; singles from the album have appeared on radio stations across the country including in TX, NY, CA, VA, OR, and GA.