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riot grrrl, punk rock, new wave, whatever

Our all new LP Rampage, on colored vinyl!
Rampage on Vinyl LP
Limited Edition white color variant of our Rampage LP vinyl record with a skate deck! Because why the heck not? Very limited, also includes autographed show poster from our House of Blues concert.
Rampage Limited Edition White Vinyl with Skateboard Deck *ONLY 2 LEFT*
Our all new CD Rampage!
Rampage CD
Limited Edition Cassette for our album Rampage, on Miss Champange Tapes. Tape is red sparkle glitter see through, and includes a download code.
Rampage on Tape
Hey it's our first full length LP on CD! Impress your friends, and help ear drums everywhere. Low stock...order soon.
This Stupid Stuff CD
Our new "Shadow" logo in a cozy soft fitted shirt! It's purple because, well we dig purple I guess. These are hand silk-screened and RUN SMALL.
Giant Kitty Purple Ladies Fitted Shirt
Our Classic "Mittens" Kitty logo on a black T-Shirt. These shirts are hand silk screened in the USA, by a nice man in a barn. The sizes are unisex, these are great for cutting up for people who know how to do that.
Giant Kitty Unisex Black T-Shirt

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