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riot grrrl, punk rock, new wave, whatever

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"Vocalist Miriam Hakim is as much intense as fearless when she sings her thoughts and emotions out on

each raw and energetic song." – Music and Riots Magazine


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Giant Kitty continues the tradition of strong female voices in punk while bringing along eclectic influences, diverse backgrounds, and a comedic sensibility. This four-piece combines elements of punk, new wave, hard rock, and riot grrrl to make both relevant and irreverent songs full of energy and sharp lyrics. Their sound is often described as a mix between the Runaways, Bikini Kill, and Blondie.


Known for their intense live shows, Giant Kitty is just as at home opening for national and international acts like Shonen Knife, Dressy Bessy, Girl in a Coma, Fea, The Downtown Boys, and Peach Kelli Pop as they are in festivals like Dallas’ Deep Ellum Arts Festival, Houston Whatever Fest, and headlining therepubliqfest 2016 SXSW showcase. They conducted an actual wedding between band founders Cassandra Quirk (guitar, background vocals) and Trinity Quirk (drums) officiated by Miriam Hakim (vocals) in the middle of a show and helped organize an Inauguration Day show called “We Belong: Houstonians of Muslim Descent Dissent” which raised nearly $2000 for the ACLU of Texas and was covered by every major Houston news outlet and the Huffington Post.


Their debut album, “This Stupid Stuff,” dropped January 2016 and addresses topics from the serious to the ridiculous over energetic, aggressive, and danceable music. The album was recorded by Joe Omelchuk, mixed and mastered by two time Grammy nominee Roman Klun, and distributed by Brooklyn label Innsbruck Records. The first single, “Don’t Stop That Bus,” was named one of the best songs of 2016 by the Houston Press. Its music video garnered over 15,000 views in the first week alone and was made entirely out of paper puppets and sets. The second video, “This Stupid Stuff,” chronicles daily activities of a variety of people while they are plagued by post-it notes with slurs and insensitive remarks. Striking a chord with many people, the video premiered on Colorlines and Spark Mag and within a week spread through the Huffington Post, Bitch Magazine, Bustle, Take Part, the Ladies Finger, and even Kathleen Hanna’s twitter account.


In 2017 Giant Kitty went on an national tour with the Boston based band The Kominas. Four songs from “This Stupid Stuff”are featured in the 2017 short film Acid Test by Jenny Waldo which has been accepted for distribution through platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Video. Additionally, the song “No Home” is featured in 2017 horror film “Party Time.”  In early 2018 Giant Kitty's second LP "Rampage" was released worldwide on Roologic Records. It's release was celebrated with a sold out show at the House of Blues in Houston, along with new videos and a national tour. Giant Kitty was also selected as an official performer at the 2018 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX. In 2019 Giant Kitty took part in the filming of the full length feature film version of the film Acid Test. As of 2020, the band is on hiatus but hopes for renunion shows in the future.